Weekly Featured Items at TF

Have you just noticed that weekly featured templates are still there for maybe three weeks already?

@matthewcoxy @xavierrusso any update? It looks like the weekly featured items look same since 4 weeks already, maybe

Hi @ki-themes. The featured item list looks up to date from here - are you seeing this file list?

The most recent featured item on TF is “Camille” by Creanncy.

If you’re seeing something different, send me a PM with a screenshot - I can follow up with our developers.

How often do you change the “weekly” featured items? As far as I remember, it looks same from the beginning of the month

There’s one new file per marketplace, per week :wink:

The newest featured item is added to the left-hand side, so that list of files will show files from the last 10 weeks. QuickFood (on the right hand side) is the oldest of the current ones, and will stop appearing in that section when next week’s featured file is added.

Looks same for a while, maybe you should just pick 10 new items per week. I think you used to do it this way but getting busy recently.

Anyway, I will check it next week one more time and compare it with your screenshot
Thanks for the response

Is it hard to select 10 items per week? It looks like you’re selecting one item and previously, I believe you’re approaching on a different aspect ( more items per week )