Weekly Envato Forum Digest


I know there’s a weekly digest for Discourse forums.

But it will only trigger when we didn’t visited the Forum on that week. But incase we just visited, it will not send email.

Usually we are not reading all topics, may be just few of them. So any chance to get weekly digest even we visited the forums? so that we can make sure that we didn’t miss any popular posts that week.

@natman @sam_saffron


Using the “new” and “unread” forum areas is the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything.


yeah, I wish i could. But there are 100+ threads, most of them are audio, graphics which I’m not interested.

So, weekly digest should only include the popular posts that week.


You can sort threads by Replies or Views count, that should do the job for you.


Go to the tag page. Top right. Change to muted. Same for categories.

I don’t see any audio / video / rooftop posts in new/unread. Only interesting stuff. Never miss anything.

Never use the forum home page. Only the filtered new/unread tabs

We started to ignore forums?

@surjithctly do you think dtbaker’s solution will work for you? Otherwise I can add it to our list of feature requests.


That will work. But a Weekly digest is indeed a good idea… You may add it to feature request :blush:


There’s a solution in your account preferences, we all missed it out :laughing:


Yes there’s an option already but please read the line once more.

It says “When I don’t visit here…” means if you visited the forum once in that week you won’t receive the digest…



Yeah, that’s true if you set it to weekly, but if you set it to daily, that means when you don’t visit the forums for one day, you will receive an email about what is hot that day, if you didn’t visit for 5 days, you would receive 5 emails, each one is about what was hot for its day. :smiley:


that would make my inbox messy… :stuck_out_tongue: