Weekend dead for sales?

Hi all,
I see that, i never got any sales on weekends, someone have it?

Good luck all for sales.


Sales are always lower on a weekend. And you have reasonably low sales figures, about half a dozen a month on average since your first upload… so it would make sense that they’re much more likely to be in the week, rather than at the weekend.

Yep! Sales have always had “small” or “large” fluctuations during weekends. :smiley:

Well this guy doesn’t have any variation on a weekend, large or small… as he’s never had any sales at the weekend.

Thank you for sharing.
Yes, but 0 sales from one year in weekend.

I thinking all are in vacancy in weekend :).
I think Thursday and Tuesday are the best days.

Yeah, I find Mondays are usually pretty slow, things pick up on a Tuesday, slight drop on Wednesday, then an increase on Thursday and again on Friday. Low Saturday, lower Sunday… rinse and repeat.