Wedding Template has been rejected. Need feedback!

Hi all.
Could you help me.

I uploaded Wedding template a month ago and it was successful. 12 sales for 1 week.
But after 1 week it was deleted from Videohive because of several copyright materials.
We solved the problem I apologized for these actions in front of VideoHive, updated item and uploaded it, but had reject!
What is it? Yesterday it is sucsess and now it is bad?) May be it is bad for category Video Displays/Special Events?

Preview of this item:

Massege from review:
“The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements. We strive to accept professional quality projects, and unfortunately this submission doesn’t quite meet that criteria.”

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I may not be super familiar with VH since my place is GR, but the rejection might have few reasons:

  1. Different reviewer than the previous one, just this one didn’t find your template good enough to be on the market.
  2. There happened to be more similar items in the meantime
  3. In my opinion this template seems to be quite simple and besides having wedding photos, it doesn’t have anything else that would make it a truly Wedding themed template.

From my experience I learned that this marketplace is various and you really can’t tell what gets accepted and rejected, nowadays I see quite awful stuff being placed for sell, so oh well.

It seems like this one was hard rejected and hard rejections can’t be re-uploaded for review, so if you go for a wedding template again I would suggest putting some wedding themed feel to it :slight_smile: Good luck.

The reviewing is harder and harder these days. Sorry for you. Hope you get luck in other projects.

Thank you very much for your answer!

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Did the copyright materials make it better? I’m assuming they did, or you wouldn’t have included them. Maybe that’s the issue… that it’s not quite as good as it was before, when they were included.

It looks pretty good, and I’m sure it would have been accepted a few years ago, but there’s not much to it. It’s essentially just a bunch of photos arranged in 3D space, in some basic frames, with some particles and very basic camera moves. As a result, it does get very repetitive after a while.

If it was me, I’d think about adding some lighting effects, maybe some shadows, and some more transitions… possibly to different scenes to break it up a bit. Maybe a segment with photos in a wall, or on a surface, or in an album etc. Two minutes is maybe a bit long as well.

I’d also play with the camera a bit. You have a 3D camera within a 3D scene, but the moves are very 2D, just on the X and Y axis. Try animating the X and Y rotation of the camera, and the Z position.

Maybe have some other elements other than photos to add a bit of interest… love hearts (not red though… something classy, silver and purple, soft pink etc), some champagne flutes, prenuptial agreements, rose petals, divorce papers etc.

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Copyright materials didn’t make it better) I will add some elements and effects and try again! Thank you for help!