wedding business logo audio question

I am starting a wedding video business and would like to use a music piece from the logo section, specifically Magic Kingdom Orchestral Logo, in conjunction with my graphic logo that I am designing on another site. I would plan on putting this audio piece at the start of any videos on dvd/usb device that would be given to the customer as part of a package purchased from me. I understand that since I am selling the dvds (through packages), that I would need an extended license. What I am confused on is this; would I need to repurchase the logo audio for each wedding, or would I only need to purchase the logo audio once since it would be the same format for each video. I would also be using these videos on my website/facebook page as well, which would be free to access. Any help here would be useful since the FAQ section doesn’t seem to answer this situation directly. Thanks.

I think 1 video 1 license, if you look at this table and there you can quickly find the answer to your question. See the section "Copies of downloaded or physical products."
Hope I could help you) :slight_smile: :pray: