Website using previous design even tough I've uploaded new css file.

I made a portfolio website to keep track of the projects I’ve done in school. I had made a really nice looking design but saw there were some colors that were wrong when on a smaller screen. I’ve changed these on my local css files and it seemed to have worked correctly. But when I uploaded it to my webserver it was still using the previous design. I checked the files on the server and the css was the same as the local files I have. I’m really stumped on how the design is still the previous design. Does anybody know why this is? And how I can fix this? usps tracking showbox

Clear your cache?

if your website using any cache plugin you have to clear the cache from the plugin options. If your hosting cpanel using any cache plugins/tool you have to clear the cache from the plugin/tool options. Also please clear browser cache. hope it will work for you. Thanks