Website Theme - Problems When Updating


Hi There

We recently updated our theme for our website (the version was year outdated) and we’re having trouble changing the format of our website - (

We’re trying to update our blog, but everytime we try and do so things on the whole website change. (For example, the text on the homepage of our website dissapeared when we tried to change the blog.)

Does anyone have any experience with this? What would be the best way to proceed?



Hi @notrianglestudio

If you made custom changes to the theme, it’s better to keep them in a child theme (this allows future theme updates to be made securely, without breaking website layout)

To generate a child theme it’s easy, either manually or using a plugin (just search for “child theme generator”), those plugins are generating the child theme automatically and all you’ll have to do is to move the custom changes to the child theme.

I saw you are using the Bridge theme, for further assistance you can also ask/contact the author of the theme on his dedicated support website:


Thank you for the advice, I will contact the author of the theme if i still have problems after trying to generate the child theme.