website template for a language services provider with a trusted member zone

Dear all,

I’m pretty new into Envato so I’d like to ask you for your advice.

  1. I want to have a website for the purpose (a) of my business’ promotion (language services) and (b) that my clients can upload their files onto my server (to prevent sending huge files by email).

  2. I’d like to use one of the Envato marketplace website templates and that ideally it has the trusted member zone feature (to upload files) already incorporated.

  3. The internet domain is already registered and my ISP is also providing webhosting. I can give you the key data regarding that webhosting if needed.

  4. I’m providing the content for the website. The website should essentially serve to promote my business and, aside from the trusted member zone feature, should be designed plainly, without bells and whistles. However, it must also be optimized for mobile viewing (except for the trusted member zone feature).


  • What general advice could you give, how shall I proceed?
  • Which website templates could you recommend particularly with regard to the points (1. - 4.) above?

Best regards,


Mr. Bumpy McBumpington