website template for 3 way login

Hi, i am looking for a template that has a login feature by which i can control who sees what

3 main roles:
ROLE 1 - me to be an administrator that can see everything

i want to be able to add products & prodinformation
ROLE 2 - for my team to see ALL the products and then select A product and upload a list of orders which can then be seen by the Role 3 guys who will delver
ROLE 3 - for my drivers to ONLY see SOME products which i add under their name and then they can download their delivery list

So pretty much a template like an agency would have, i just cant seem to find the right one

Can anyone point me in the correct direction



It sounds like this may need to be customized. I don’t know of any pre-developed Plugin that does this since the items you described are specific to your business. Let me know if interested. My email is bedellcarleton(at) Regards