Website slow

Hello everyone

My website is encountering problems, such as when I try to use Javascript and external CSS together. The page loads quite slowly and there are problems with queries.
I am sharing My website URL
please Review it and tell me Solution

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Assuming that this is not an envato elements download, then you should login using the account which purchased the item and contact the author

Since you are using Elementor as your website builder, option for their cloud hosting would be better for speed as well.

With the help of JavaScript and jQuery plugins, adding dynamic content to websites has become very easy. But if JavaScript is used in the wrong way, it can slow down the speed at which your website’s pages load.

It takes some time to load, interpret, and run jQuery and JavaScript. So, if you use a lot of API calls to render JavaScript/jQuery data, it can take a long time for web pages to load.


  • Scripts do get too long. Check your JavaScript scripts to see which parts you really need and get rid of the rest.
  • Loading should happen at different times.
  • Consider using something like Segment or Google Tag Manager. You only need one script for all of your tools!

I had an issue with some photos not loading too. I had to disable optimising feature and it worked. So, try disabling some functions and see.