Website Listing theme

I want to buy wordpress theme like producthunt, Betapage, Betalist,

My purpose is to list best website for specific category.

Please suggest me some themes similar to site listing…

Thank you

You can see this themeforest theme. If need any assist please reply.

Hello terrestrial,
Thank you for your help but I need a site listing theme which redirects user to that site like

Actually,producthunt, Betapage, Betalist, websites are not build using WordPress but you can build with WordPress. Buy a listing them, customize it, and insert content. start selling listing. If you need development help, let me know.

I don’t want to sell listing. I only want to add website link of that website.

which website

Presumably you want the info from those sites which then links back to the original site to complete the purchase?

That would require significant API work if you want to ensure the information is up to date with what is shown on the other sites

Your give websites sell paid listing. that’s why I wrote start selling.