Website is not optimized as per Google PageSpeed Insights

I am using CactusThemes on one website. Now, I thought that the theme was optimized, so my website will be optimized too. But after analyzing my website on the Google PageSpeed Insights, I found that the score is not green.

Hence, I would like to make it green, which will prove the website owner that website is optimized. I do not know exactly how to optimize the theme, as I tried and failed many times.

Kindly, let me know if anyone can help me with it. Help will be appreciated. Thanx.

Hi! This is usually achieved with a number of different plugins like

WP Performance Score Booster
Fast Velocity Minify
WP Fastest Cache
Better WordPress Minify
… and many others out there

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It is not only about the plugins but from what I saw from the theme, it does require many stuff so it can be fixed.

I can help you with the optimization with it, email me

@Darinka Thank you for your reply. Delighted to know that many of the issues you have mentioned were not resolve by me. I took help from these guys: and they have provided me the report of problems my website has. I am glad to have such an insightful review from you and the PageSpeedOptimizer Guys.
Well, if possible please have a look at my website and can you provide your insights on the issues of my website precisely?
Here is my URL: – I used Cactus Theme for it because I like that theme. Even I would like to know whether I need to change my theme to AVADA, as one of my friends was advising me regarding it.
Do let me know.

@jafferwilson You can have super turbo speed template and put it on some cheap shared hsoting and on that cheap hosting put also big images .
The result is slow site. People is often say that template is very slow. You need to think also about your web server.
You can see here what is problem.
You are also using very outdated version of template version:2.13 , newest version:

@Zaccc Thank you for your advice and I am delighted that you shared the detail of the problem I face. I would like to know more about the hosting. Can you help me with that?

I dont know what hosting you are using and what package you use on that hosting. You should now what hosting are you pay.
You have also outdated version of WordPress and that is high security risk

@jafferwilson I just ran a check on GT Metrix
Your main issues are server side not theme related and a lack of knowledge on your part.
Your sharing your server with 25 other sites all using the same resources.
Gzip is not enabled on your servers (rookie mistake)
You have no leverage browsing caching dates in your htaccess file (rookie mistake)
None of your images are optimised for loading (rookie mistake)
The theme is working really well, as Zaccc said, best optimised theme in the world on a crap server = Crap Loading.

@Zaccc Thank you for enlightening me about the weaknesses of my website. Actually, I am a bit naive for WordPress, hence do not know much about it. Well, thank you for enlightening me.

@webhosting4biz I have checked my website on the GTmetrix. It was showing OK previously. But now after seeing your suggestion, I need to think about it once again.
Hey, can you tell me whether I need to change my website WP Theme?

Frist you need to take some better hosting. And if you dont know how to transfer site you need to hire someoene who will make your site better than current one.

It is not your wordpress theme it is all server side issues. You need a host that understands WordPress
if you drop me an email attn David - I will see what I can do to assist you.

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Delighted to hear from you. But the guys are working on my website speed optimization and they have my website, right now. They are also willing to have a better host for my website.
But let me know, are you a host provider? If yes then kindly let me know. I would like to know how you can help me in this situation.
Thank you.

Thank you for the advice. I have contacted the guys from
and they are looking in the matter. They have also suggested me to have
a better hosting. If I wish then they are also ready to host my
website. 1 year for free. It is cool.
But I refused right now as I was willing to have my website currently on my server.
But that is a cool offer. I just need to say ‘yes’ and they will host my website.
Are you also a host provider?
let me know. So, if I change my mind then I can approach you. If you
are not then please do let me know regarding the other host providers.

No I dont offer hosting.
My advice is to put site on some hosting which is hosting their primary job not secondary because you will have and 24/7 support , backup and other regular things.
And you can choose what you want to pay , not you have free space and 123 limitations.

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@Zaccc Thank you for your reply. I am delighted to hear from you. Can you please suggest me some host providers who have hosting as their primary job.
But frankly, I am not in a stand of changing my host. Still, I can think of.

That is hard to say .
Personally, I have sites on Hostgator, sometimes I had a bad experience sometimes good. But in most cases, they responded quickly and solve problem.

Thank you for your advice.

This is (almost) never theme author’s fail. Themes are just a way to display your content
If you want to improve speed, you need to:

  1. Use cache (plugins, or server cache)
  2. Minify assets (this is not theme author’s responsibility), there are plugins that do this
  3. Optimize images (only thing a theme author can do about it, is to use lazy loading for images), anything else is up to you
  4. Use good Hosting services, shared hosting is often a bad choice
  5. Keep in mind that WordPress itself is a slow CMS, once you will have thousands of posts, I have no idea how shared how WP installed on a shared hosting will handle it
    We have a website with almost 6000 posts, and WP is consuming easiliy 4gigs of server ram, with peaks of 10000 simultan connections

You pay 20-60$ for theme, which offers you display functionality, anything else is up to you.
This is a message from the name of all authors I guess.

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