Website in several languages

I am designing my home page for which I am using the Visual Composer plugin and then I am using the qTranslate X plugin to have my website in several languages.

The problem I have is that the qTranslate X has the option to individually create the pages according to the language, but when designing a page in Visual Composer, it shows the same page for all the languages.

Could you help me with how to deal with my problem?

Thank you.

“This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.” Last update: 2 years ago.

Maybe you should try with some other plugin.

Could you recommend me a free plugin?


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You should try Polyang. I have tested with one of my theme before and it works very well.

Thanks, I’m going to try the plugin that you mentioned to me.

I’m trying the plugin and it keeps doing the same thing to me.

I added the languages I want for my website, I went to the page, I added the translations and if I change something in English, it affects the other languages.

go to the pages screen, you should see all your pages then on the right a list of your languages going across the screen, click the icon under the lanuage you want to edit, you will then have 2 pages, 1 for English and 1 for your new language. Read the plugin documentation to understand how it works.

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Thanks, the plugin works well.

Thanks for your help, the plugin works well