Website (hotel like)

We currently have a website like Airbnb. (

However the issue we have is when hosts list there properties guests can also see competitors listings.

We would like to offer a service were the host has the ability to create their own website that only shows their listings.

The way we see it working is they would log into our website eg yournightinn.comV2 have there own dashboard then once they complete the needed field they get provided with a link that is there own mini website a little like (Create your rental property website)

That would require separate licenses for every property owner who creates a website - on demand type setups are not allowed

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This is why I’m looking for a solution like Kopa direct?

There is others offering the same.

Do you no of a solution?

Even if we pay agency price.

There might be but not on envato. There’s no license here which covers this type of use.

Given the potential maintenance, data, security, and hosting etc for this you would be best off having a purpose built solution created.

If you have a sensible budget then you could look for a freelancer on

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Thanks fo your reply.

I find your response interesting as I thought it would be simple as been as Homey is just like this but just need to block out some listings.

I will have to keep looking for a solution.

You might find something under directory/listings that semi solves the issue by assigning travel operators with a listing where they can list their info and/or trips.

These listings would all be on the same website rather than their own environment

The infrastructure needed to offer truly unique “micro sites” per operator is huge and not a small task initially or ongoing

Thanks I’ll take a look. Just need something similar to Homey.