Website creation project in the employment field

website creation project in the employment field
allowing student, job seekers find employment since very simple site. the site will be open to the internationnal.
I already did all the design of the site and I would like to have partnership for the development of this web application. I did the PSD and already converted to HTML using Bootstrap. I am a web developer (design and Bakend) wordpress designer and PSD.
I would like some developers, which are web application developers. to build this system. we will work in partnership. the project is very profitable. a user pays 2 to 5 euros per month for the service is offered. I am available to boot the project deh permiere the people who engage in this partnership.

Hi, we can develop not for partnership but for the price if you are willing to pay.


I do not want a developer to develop the system. but rather a partnership system. thank you