Website and Mobile App theme?

I’ve seen a few Woocommerce mobile templates and just wondered if anyone has advice on how these work.

We are looking to update a Woocommerce website - and we want an app for it too. There are some pretty nice looking mobile templates on here - will they suffice?

Also we want to ensure only logged in users can order. We can do this on a website using a trade or b2b plugin - will those work on mobile as well?

So just to be clear, we’re looking options to quickly get a mobile app for a Woocommerce website.

Mobile templates for WooCommerce can be a good option for quickly creating a mobile-friendly version of your online store. These templates are designed to work with the WooCommerce platform and are usually easy to install and customize.

However, the functionality of the mobile app will depend on the specific template you choose. Some templates may not include all the features you need, so it’s important to carefully review the features and compatibility before making a purchase.

Regarding the requirement of only allowing logged in users to order, it depends on the plugin you choose for this functionality. Some plugins are designed specifically for WooCommerce and may work with mobile templates, while others may not. Before making a decision, be sure to research the compatibility of the plugin with the template and the mobile platform you plan to use.

Hey thanks. To be honest all we need is a login screen, then that user can place orders and checkout. Pretty standard right?