Web template license

Good morning. I’m trying to buy a web template. Can I get legal penalties if I use the regular license and use it on multiple sites for commercial sale?
How can a seller know if it’s on one site, multiple sites, or a commercial sale?
I wonder.
Lastly, can I get the web template in the form of source when purchasing it? Or I am wondering if it is received in an encrypted state.

There are various different ways in which envato and authors can/do protect the items, none of which would be appropriate to discuss in public forums.

The license is very clear - one purchase/license per website installation.

Items are not encrypted although depending on the item it may well be necessary to validate the license to remotely install certain features, plugins etc.

Thank you for answer. In the response you provided, you said that it is one purchase/license per website installation. Then, is there a commercial sale per license? (Only on one site.)
In addition, what licenses do I need to purchase to download and customize web templates for commercial sales?

There are no multi-use license types so you will need to buy a new copy/license for each website that you create.

You cannot use envato items to create “on demand” products, nor can you resell items commercially or to private clients as they are on envato.

Items must be suitably adapted and incorporated into other projects/builds etc for clients or personal use (one website per purchase).

Regular licenses cover most types of website or use cases, except for if you plan to monetise a website eg charging subscription to access content etc (not using e-commerce themes as a shopfront) i.e. where you stand to make multiple income from the website in which case you need an extended license