web site with more user profiles


Good morning to all, I ask you information and help for the following. I was commissioned to create a website with numerous registered user profiles. Each user must fill out a card with some data (a sort of identity card) and enter their own photos, choosing which one to enter as the main one in the profile. These profiles will then have to be classified as a series of articles that can be filtered based on the inserted characteristics. Do you know how to help with some plugins or theme that have these features?


You could look at BuddyPress themes but it’s not exactly what you want and I think that to do precisely what you describe is going to require custom building


The Kleo themes?


Any of these https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/buddypress but again BuddyPress is a bit like a social network but you’d still be able to create profiles with profile images etc. although I still think what you want is a custom build