Web Search Engine - How I should further develop this script.

Hello friends,

I’m developing a web search engine for web site developers to implement web search page within their web site ro sites in a simple way.

Easy Web Search is engine to use inside a web site. Simple Crawling
System is available to submit URLs and Links from submitted URL will be
automatically added to search database when admin run crawling. Once
crawling is done the links with their contents (Plain text from web
link) will be available to search. If the total web site is linked to
it’s home page, you need jut give home page url to the sytem and run
crawling once. You do not need to much work to implement a search system
inside your web site.

This is the script demo.

Can anyone give me some more ideas to develop it.

Thank you in advanced.

You’re welcome my dear.

A clicks counter would be nice or picture search:)
Also i like the clean and minimal design of it.Good job and good luck :D.

Great. I will do my best to implement picture search. Click counter is no big deal. Thanks for idea.


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