Web reporting and charts for PHP/MySQL


I have spent the last 12 MONTHS looking for a web reporting solution for PHP/MySQL - I have tried everything from open source to BI tools and there is a real gap in the market for something in the mid to high $xxx range. I can’t see anything close to this type of offering on Codecanyon already and am not sure why?

At the low end there are things like Reportico and MySQLReports ranging from free to $100 - they do some of the required things but they look like they were made in 1980 and are very clunky to use.

One interesting project I did find was jdorn reports on Github but, whilst it does some of the required, it doesn’t tick all the boxes.

At the high end there are Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Windward, Crystal and many others but to get the functionality needed you need to pay them $xx,xxx but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the middle?

My main requirements are:

  • Web based i.e. run in a browser
  • Be multi tenanted - lots of customers in one database
  • Allow dynamic query building
  • Create grids and charts (non flash!)
  • Exporting of data - PDF, CSV, JPG etc
  • Saving reports
  • Sending via email

I have tried numerous listings on freelancer sites, have worked with and paid 3 freelancers to date and still don’t have anything viable! The only interest I can seem to get is from developers with no feedback who don’t read the job and just send a copy and paste response hoping something will stick! Maybe my budget is unrealistic?

Is there something out there off the shelf I am missing and, if not, is this something someone could take on at a reasonable price?