web portal

I am trying to create a client portal. we will have standard info and user specific info. The portal will only be available via a long in. will have a 4 column layout. text and documents that will be the same for every user and will allow document uploads for the client that is only able to be seen by them and us. the downloads will need a email alert/trigger for a given date. it will also need a place to enter in employee information like name and the persons documents. when need an alert page that will allow show the trigger/alerts from above, would be nice if it had a list of things that need to be completed in the next 90 days. portal will be multiple pages.

so text then upload for that client and then expire date

see image

Are you trying to find someone to help you build this or just sharing the project?

trying to figure out how to do it. what plugins could help

It’s a pretty complex build with quite a lot of moving parts and planning required.

in truth because of all the different features you want then beginning with a stock theme is not really going to save a great deal of time and effort (except
Maybe having some kind of membership setup) and you would probably find it easier to custom build to your requirements