Web pages display Blog instead of empty static page

Hi there,
I have a website in both NL and EN version www.crabet.com
In the EN version the website is displayed correctly. However, recently in the NL version only the homepage is displayed correctly whereas the other pages display the blog posts.
I tried to change it in settings/ reading/ static or blog posts. This does not work.
When I try to let Homepage empty just like in the EN version, It switches back to the blog version. I cannot figure out what is wrong


Can anyone help?
Any suggestions what I have to look for in CSS?

Thanks Wende


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


I did, I have to pay for support since my support period is over.
I see that it is correctly displayed on my mobile, so maybe there is a bug in the desktop version.
However, I cannot find it and still the EN website is displayed correctly

Author are responsible for item support if he don’t reply to you then you can ask for refund
or you can raise a dispute against that author through Envato Customer Center they would like to assist you.