Web Designer Looking For Developer Collaboration [ LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP ]

Hi everyone,

I’m Dickson, 21 Graphic designer specialize in Brand, Website, UI Designs.

Portfolio: 2xds.com

Very Interested and experience themeforest coder/developer only, NO BS ALL REAL.

If you’re looking for approved PSD then sorry I’m not looking for fast job turning PSD into a theme, If you’re interested in a long term partnership & maximizing sales you’re the guy I’m looking for. I’ve seen so many people doing approved PSD fast job making it into a theme and the theme never hits above 50, so I’m proposing something for all of you developer out there!


  1. We’ll provide only quality themes out there not just throwing themes left and right every week hoping to get more sales.
  2. You and me will plan from research, niche, unique theme that have not been out there yet and we’ll target it.
  3. I’ll get the designs done and try to get approved for it, I’m hoping to do wordpress theme base as I see a very good market for wordpress theme.
  4. You’ll have to guide me the way for stuff like guidelines, designs corrections to get approve for evanto guidelines that I’ve need to do and evanto market as I’m fairly new to this market and I’ve only been doing designs outsourced.
  5. You must be familiar with extensions like visual composer and redux/runway(or others) theme options such as.

I’m a very fair person and I think that in this collaboration developer should always get more because you’ve to do the support, update & fixes. The split will be 60 for developer and 40 for me as designer.

Currently in progress: http://i.imgur.com/VHStvmv.png

This is what I’m working on currently but I want input from developer as well, you don’t have to know designs as long as you can explain it to me I can design it out for you.

If you’ve read to the end and is still interested please contact me!

dickson@2xds.com or Skype: dicksondesigns