Web Design vs. UX Design


I am a Graphic Designer contemplating the alternatives of becoming a Web Designer or a UX Designer and I am wondering what makes a Web Designer stick to his job when he could easily transition towards UX Design, which is much better remunerated?

As you can see, a big aspect of the web design process relies on User Research, so…

Is it the fact that s/he enjoys what s/he does too much in order to contemplate this kind of change?

Different fields and different areas of expertise I’d imagine…

UX design is much more around trying to understand behaviour.

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This is a good explanation http://blog.raincastle.com/ux-design-vs.-web-design-whats-the-difference-and-why-should-you-care

UX and UI is more strategic and theoretical where as Web design is more practical and executional

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**Web Design:**UI designers who’re specialized in design and building web user interface. Most of the web design jobs prefer the candidates who know a bit of front-end programming such as HTML/CSS, Javascript to show how the design/prototype would work on screen. The same preference also appears in most UX design job description.

**User Interface:**Well, the title literally says it all, this person designs user interface including any kind of visual layer that stands between the user and a product (mostly digital products). The required fundamental knowledge for this position involves understanding of how human use and communicate with (digital) products to create functional and easy to use interfaces combined with a sense of aesthetic.

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well different fields have got different demands whereas each field requires time. I am a Web designer and love my field.

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