Web design question

Does anyone know of a product similar to x-cart for standard websites without shopping features? I’d like to get my wife to help but she isn’t a HTML savvy person. Is there something out there that will allow her to create new entries in a website by filling out a form style page (like x-cart does)? I don’t want to try teaching her Dreamweaver. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi I do alot of web scrapping. I currently use iMacros which has been very good tool for scrapping. I also use alot of other automation tools in my daily work. I would like to find 1 solutions instead of the 3-4 tools and various scripts I use.

Looking for an opinion of a avid web scrapper like this https://mydataprovider.com/sites/ on MJT as a real single solution for scrapping various website complexities, also if you have an experience & opinion of how it compares to iMacros that would be helpful as well.

Are you wanting to create a new site from scratch? I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention other sites, if not, then forgive me Envato, for I am about to sin.

Have you heard of Webflow? I personally really like it, sort of like Photoshop or Illustrator for making websites, no coding is necessary as it’s a visual designer. It has the ability to use CMS, and if set up properly you can just fill out a form with everything you need to make a new post, such as a title, text, images, etc, and the necessary pages/content will automatically be generated based on how you designed it and the info that you put in the form. Though it does take some time to learn, but once you do it’s pretty great.