Web Design Portfolio with Graphic of Multiple Devices for Each Site

Hello! I’m building a web site for my web design business in WordPress and want to have a portfolio page that shows images of the responsive web sites I’ve built on a desktop, mobile phone, etc. An example of this is this site’s page: http://sosimplecms.com/showcase#Featured Website Designs/91617 or the following: http://www.gateserver.com/portfolio-responsive-design/

Is there a WordPress plugin to use? Or is there a web site you can go to in order to generate these images?

Thank you!

Hi @JBwebdes,

I think the easiest and fastest way is to use this website: http://ami.responsivedesign.is

Just enter the URL of your design and wait for a sec that all devices shows your design.
Finally, take a screenshot and there you go. :wink:

This is absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing this URL. You made my day!

You could use our theme https://themeforest.net/item/applay-wordpress-app-showcase-app-store-theme/9381060
All pure CSS devides (iphone, android, ipad, macbook…) and custom screen content (image carousel, iframe…)