Web Catalog, Link Directory Anyone?

Hello, I am looking for something like this https://www.futuretools.io/ or https://www.toolify.ai/. Anyone? I can’t find anything on Codecanyon! All directories are for cities/travel. It would be great if someone creates something like those websites and add some options like Producthunt.com

I think the demand for something like this in a stock marketplace is likely to be very limited in return for the amount of work required to develop and maintain it.

This is not true; a WordPress theme that offers the same functions but it’s limited, offer some addons to extend, it’s not on Envato, but visiting their website, a lot of sales and a lot of visitors, also offer a big showcase database of users using the Theme.

The Marketplace has no innovation, and no one tries new things. AI is a trend, many users try to find websites with AI, and you can sell at a high price if you do something Good.

I have been using Envato for many years, and it’s repeating theme and code, nothing special, Buy a lot of things that end up in my not-use folder. Web design change, AI is here, and the Marketplace will lose in the Modern Web without innovation.

People who take the risk win

It’s been proven many times that in stock marketplaces, what sells, is items which offers versatility and which people can relate to. Going into unfamiliar territory just does not suit this type of market. If it did, then these items would exist.

There is items like RoBo - AI Tools Kit by Three_cube | CodeCanyon but it’s only for mobile, super basic and the lack of sales emphasises the point.