Web based template that lists room availability for the week.

I am looking for a web based template that would list rooms that are available for booking for the week. For example, we have 10 rooms on various floors, each designed for a specific task - reading room, workout room, video game room etc).

Id like a template that shows the following:

  1. Top Header - to include logos of company and to have current date and weather
  2. Main body to list all the rooms available and/or occupied for the week
  3. Bottom Footer - to have RSS feed (local news for example)

The main portion of the body would change, alternating from no smoking on premises, to the local use of rooms for the week, to no cameras permitted within meeting rooms etc. Each portion of the body would change every minute or so depending on its content.

If there is an existing template that is similar made by an author, please let me know.

Anyone?!?! Thanks.