Web 2.0 Directory plugin

I have contacted the author of this plugin for support on integrating the comment form into the setup.
I have written three times and never received a reply.
I am very behind with my project and really need some help on this please - Is it the plugin or me?
Can anyone out there help me please?

Hi did you get any answer?

No - Gave me a refund as they could not sort the issue out, or didn’t want

Kind regards

wow so this pluggin is useless?
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I have made custom site with that plugin. I have also customize that plugin for my needs. What you need ?


Hi Well it has been som time since you write. But on computer I see this

but on mobil just this
How do I do to get the blue screen on mobile as well?

First you need to update your site. You have 10 updates. After that you can open ticket on plugin developer site.

Great for fast answer. But were do I update?

I think I have update now but were can I open ticket?

Can you tell me who is made your site? Your site have malware and it is on blacklist
Also my eyes is hurt me from color what you have put on site. Green , white , black and blue …
You need to hire some professional to make whole redesign of site and clean your site.

Hi I have done it my self. And I am not professional.
I am plaining to do that.

Did you use nulled plugins and template on your site?

But today I have delete lot of spam and install askimet

I don’t think so

But the big question is how to get the blue square in mobile as in computer. I promise to fix the colour