We Want To Say Thank You!

Dear Community! :sunny:

In these hard days, I have to align something which made me very happy. Some of you said thank you for Matthew Pablo for the kind words! And this is amazing. Both of us are humans. For an author is a very great feeling, when a reviewer is positive or helpful. I remember when we started to upload here with my partner, Gregor and in the beginning, we had troubles like every newbie have and many reviewers had patience. I know this should be normal, but AJ is oversaturated & they are only a few amounts of people reviewing our stuff. So I think we have to be grateful for them, and now I want to say thank you for every reviewer who helped our work, said some kind words or was patient with us.
I think this is the right direction because the royalty-free industry is very difficult for a creative but is a great opportunity to make a subsistence and I think, helping each other is a beautiful way to make this easier!

P.S.: Sorry for my grammar.

Have A Beautiful Creative Day, :musical_note:
Layla from Team HoneyLoud


Totally sharing this gratefulness with you! Reviewers are awesome! They do a great and laborious job keeping a high level of music on the market. :clap: Can’t even imagine what kind of sound they sometimes have to listen to :dizzy_face:
Recent review times are really short compared to what we had. I hope they are not overworking! :sweat_drops:
I had several occasions when reviewer provided a sweet supportive comment upon approval, which is a great thing. So thank you guys! :innocent: