We want to re-think / re-brand our haircare brand


We are a small Swedish haircare brand.www.disp.se. We are going to start exporting our brand. But before that we would like to really re-brand and really think how our brand should be looked at.

Slight change in logo. New fonts, maybe patterns, colors, illustrations/objects, photos, what kind of photos etc.

Anyone that can recommend someone?


Hello Magnus,

My advice is to take people for each area website , photography , illustrations etc. Because you cant find someone who is good an all area in same time. You know all but at the end you don’t know nothing.
Also it will be good to have your site on languages where you will export. That your clients have info on their language.
Also I would change design of site. It is not good looking , It needs to be more user friendly where you can find very fast all informations.

For site you can contact me.



Yeah I had something similar in mind. Yes I know that the website isnt any good. So that will be charges too of course. We payed a Swedish web agency last year to build us our site but we are not happy about it. We did actually payed around 50.000sek for it (5000Euro) …

I have set up a Wordpress installation where we will build a multilingual site.

I think that we must start with the actual branding. Like feeling of photos, small change of logo to high light our Swedish heritage, fonts, colors, patterns and stuff like that.

You dont have any recommendation of any talented guys out there?

Honestly you can use all what you have from images , logo etc. Maybe put bigger images , more content details about items , put options that you can order over shop. Put newsletter on site , I don’t see any social link or option for sharing. I don’t know do you sell directly to hair salon or B2B sale?
Also your site is not full 100% mobile ready. You are using Drupal.
You can see here what error you will get https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

If you want I can give you my offer for redesign?