We want option to sell / Transfer Ownership of our products

In Google PlayStore, they provide the chance to sell app. Through the process “Transfer app” any app developer can transfer app to any other developer account.

Recently I received an email with the proposal to sell one of my products to them. This is not license sale. This means ownership will be changed.

Although their proposal amount is little bit lower than expectation. But is there any way to sell ownership of product here?

Product will be still available in ThemeForest. only seller account (Envato username) will be changed. When I transfer it, all review, rating, comment, and sale number will be transfereed to new Envato account.

I have failed to find out any guidelines or article regarding this. Although I don’t need this right now. But I want to be sure- just in case!


They wouldn’t be able to sell it on envato if you did sell it to them.

They couldn’t stop existing buyers using it as licenses from you.

You should also make sure you are compensated properly

You’d need to remove it from sale on envato