we sent a template to ThemeForest on 3 days ago and we don't have any feedback.


we sent a template to ThemeForest on 3 days ago and we don’t have any feedback.

did anybody has been any same experience?

what is the meaning of this?

thank you

Just wait few more days. These days, it may take up to 10-12 working days.

but it is a site template. according to this image must take 1 day!!!


It’s the minimum waiting time and depends on the total number of the submissions.

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Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. You can often refer to the average review times at the link below as a guideline, but these are just averages and the actual review time could be few days shorter or longer than those listed:

Currently review team experiencing a high volume of queues and review time could be some delay.

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You can share the demo here if you want intermin / unofficial feedback

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yes please

demo link: http://dsrthemes.pw/emi

  • This is a super crowded and difficult category

  • The scrolling is a bit bumpy

  • ALL WP themes have to have a working blog

  • Typographic hierarchy could do with work

  • Not a fan of the portfolio item modals - these would be much better as a full screen or separate page. Also sort our filtering, different item layouts, etc

  • Generally, I think the concept is ok but you need to work a lot on refining the design quality and adding more premium value to it

thank you for your feedback