We reached Elite Author status!

When we first discovered AudioJungle in 2014, we had no idea it was going to become such a significant part of our life trajectories. Initially we were just looking for an outlet for our unpublished music pitches, unreleased demos and unused soundtrack cues and, after one of these started going viral in its own small way, we were inspired to tailor make some pieces for the market.

We never thought we’d reach Elite Author status this year - particularly after the sales slump we experienced in 2020 due to coronavirus etc. However, we have just surpassed 2018, our previous best, with six weeks left to go. We’ve also had three monthly records in a row this year, which was exciting and made us feel like we were on the right track.

This record has been reached despite our actual sales numbers being under half what they were in 2018. I know there’s a lot of heated discussion around the principles and ethics behind item pricing and so on, but you can draw your own purely economic conclusions from the above.

We have had many a time when sales have just completely stopped and we start wondering whether our luck has run out. And there’ll probably be another phase like that sometime soon. But broadly speaking, being on AudioJungle has been a really positive experience for us, and we have enjoyed exploring a lot of niche genres along the way, as well as occasionally ‘going for gold’.

Good luck to everyone out there and thanks to Envato for giving us this platform to sell our music.

R & G
Contour Chromatic


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congratulations!! If I could get one track accepted it sure would help my confidence… I am glad to see success is possible, blessings