We offer free symphonic music for short films!

Hi! We are a group of 14 students of a Master of Compositon and Film Scoring, most of us with previous experience in composition of soundtracks for films or short films.

Within our master’s work, in March we are going to record music with a woodwind quintet, very appropriate for an animation short. And in June we will record our final projects with a symphonic orchestra in Bratislava.

The point is that we have to select which projects we want to work on. We are looking for short films, both animated and cinema, and perhaps also video games, which fit the deadlines in which we are going to create the music. For example, for the final work to be recorded in Bratislava we will need to work on music from March, but the music will be recorded in late June. So the short film must be finished (except music) on March.

Obviously the music will have very good quality, since it will be recorded with symphonic orchestra and the composition will be reviewed by our teachers, all of them with a lot of experience in soundtrack composition.

If for any reason you are working or have an idea of ​​working on a project that fits these deadlines, or if you know someone who might be interested, contact me. Among all the proposals we receive, we will choose which projects we want to work on. And obviously we would contact the directors to make sure they fit our style, ideas, etc., too. The process of composition and treatment with the director will be the same as you would with any composer you hire for it.