We need a developer licenses!


I am a web developer who buys multiple licenses of the same product. For example: Avada theme. So my download page looks like that:

Can we have a developer license? Can we buy one license for multiple websites? Nobody thinks about developers ant their experience.

It’s currently not an available option due to envato not owning the items and the impact this would have on different support and other features

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Apart from that, due to the license is not transferable, it’s suggested you to create a new account for each purchases - if the clients want to manage their theme/purchase on their own, you can just give the login details and you can close the case. ( You can use clientdomainname@yourdomainname . com to register the accounts )

This is a common issue that you may face. You can search the forum for similar cases…

“create a new account for each purchases” - are you insane? The variation of clients and products is just too big to make it any sense.

And the item owners are saying they can not do anything because envato is in charge.

Some authors who are not exclusive sell through their own sites, may offer alternatives but whilst authors are selling via envato’s marketplace and licensing they are obligated to follow their rules.

So Envato can adjust the rules and make developer licenses. Can make a better downloads display etc.

Actually it would be complicated for them to do that - it’s not just the licenses….

Because envato don’t own items they cannot enforce updates, support, product shelf life etc.

If they charged multi-domain or how other marketplaces do subscriptions then this lack of control would be a problem.

It would mean altering not only licenses but the fundamental way the marketplace works and the relationship with authors etc which would have significant other challenges