We need a communication line between Reviewers and Authors, Envato. (You will probably hide this post too.)

This post will most likely get pulled down by a moderator on here because they can’t take criticism. We need a communication line.

Knowing what you’ll reject ahead of time so we don’t waste days on a track.

Knowing what you need more of, so we can create that.

Having a shorter queue line so you are even close to your competitors (who also pay more than you).

Listening, and having more than just a one-sided answer. We’re making your money, so you should be here helping us.

It’s upsetting here knowing how poorly this company is organized, and needs to have a solution right now. Start talking with us.

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@jamesgiroux, thoughts?


Hey @TrackHaus. Thanks for the comments. We don’t want authors to ‘waste time’ on tracks any more than you do and we do our best to keep things as clear as possible.

  1. Our requirements are a good place to start for understanding the technical aspects of what you need to do with your track files.
  2. The Author Hub is a great place for getting information about what’s trending and what we’re learning from customers. We regularly post updates there for authors across all markteplaces. Here’s one about audio trends and customer insights from October: https://community.envato.com/audio-top-trends-insights-october-2018/
  3. Our queues ebb and flow. At the moment they are higher than normal but we don’t expect that to be a long-term challenge.

I hear your comments about one-sided answers and doing more listening. We’re a big community with lots of competing priorities. We do listen and take opinions and feedback on board, however, it doesn’t always mean we’ll action what you’ve said. We have to take into account the health and well-being of the entire Envato ecosystem and that can sometimes mean we take steps that seem counter-intuitive at first.

Thanks again for your comments and for being part of the community.


Interesting subject matter on the review situation. I am new here and the submitting and reviewing process, well I find no less that ridiculous. Soft rejects, hard rejects, whatever, and no real communication from the reviewer. Just do this and do that and resubmit. Oh no another critical flaw in my upload process? It’s like a merry-go-round. It’s really a waste of precious time for composers to use enormous amounts of energy on submitting instead of composing! Envato / Audio Jungle doesn’t seem to mind though.

For 2 - 3 months now I have been trying to get my head around the review system. Needless to say I can’t. I have never encountered such a tedious submitting & review system before and I have been uploading music to many different platforms since 1997. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the system they have in place. From what I can read here on different forums, it doesn’t seem to be working for well for many.