We made our first film!

As long I remember myself - Im always wanted write soundtracks for movies. And the last year we worked everyday to make this dream in real. Im just want to share with you my creation.
This movie named “Outcasts”.

“Outcasts” - The story about people who challenge themselves.
All the time running, all the time on the road. They had long since forgotten what a home was for them. Without looking back, they rush along the road, across the country, towards the unknowns of their fate.

I want to say all of you - never stop, never end to do what you do.
Because only that making our dreams come true. Cheers!


I hope in these difficult and already poor times (in terms of sales), your film will give us a positive mood. :joy: There is somewhere much worse, than here. Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face: To be honest, the movie is good ! :wink: :+1:


Thanks man))) Glad you like it))

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The film is already dome.
This is not about russia life. This is a about life as whole. About freedom.