We made a script to automatically download all your Envato invoices as PDF files



Hi guys,

Each month we have to download all of our invoices from Envato and forward them to our accountant. This proved to be a very slow and error-prone process, as we also had to print-to-PDF each invoice.

Being the procrastinating programmers that we are :slight_smile: while taking breaks from our projects, we made a small script that automatically downloads these invoices and saves them as PDF files, ready to be printed or emailed or whatever you need.

Here is the GitHub repository with all the info you need to get started: https://github.com/WeCodePixels/envato-invoice-downloader

Would love to hear your feedback!

Liviu from WeCodePixels


Thank you very much for sharing your script with the community - it will be useful to use when doing our taxes.


Nice but in my country the invoices here are useless :slight_smile: