we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

Hello, I am new to codecanyon and my product was rejected in just couple minutes and mail was
" we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward " I have added free scripts license and whole theme was build by myself with free design kit still don’t know why it was rejected, please help!

demo link :

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Hi @shubham4059099 ,
Basically codecanyon requires some basic quality standards for your application approval. If it is not met then, your application will be reject. There is two type of rejections. One is soft reject and another is hard reject. Currently yours is hard reject.

Hello my friend, let me first welcome you,

I reviewed your project, great job and well done, but I find some comments:
Your project has a great design but needs very little improvement (icons etc…)

  • Texts like:(Lorem ipsum) make your project seem incomplete.
  • Your project is doing a heavy loading of pages (this makes it appear slow)
  • Make sure to make the demo version available with all the features and no restrictions (missing: the reviewer cannot review the feature of creating a seller account, please make it available without reviewing in the demo version)
  • I also noticed a bug maybe, I created a seller account using (test@gmail.com) and sent a request to activate the account, and then created a new customer account (tester1@gmai.com)
    Then I also tried to register a new seller account and found that it did not log out of the first account, as if they were two different projects. I don’t know if it was intentional or not! But I have to mention.
  • No information was provided to login as admin.
  • And also maybe just a little bit of effort on the operations (software function) to perform in the project.

Thank you for your wonderful project. Keep it up. I wish you more success.