We deserve the official answer and plan on decreasing the stock footage review time!

I fully support! it’s not funny anymore! 3 months video materials are under consideration. If you do not want to work with video anymore, give up

That’s the spirit! :grinning: But I doubt that we’ll get better answer soon…

Well since we asked for plan I think I will bump this topic up

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107 days, bet by the end of the week this number will be 110.

On a brighter side, this long reviewing time for video actually got me to really sit down and learn After Effects.
After 3 months of continuous learning from YT, I’ve got several motion graphic backgrounds on sales and doing rather well…

Thank you for your long reviewing time Envato… CHEERS

rejected or aproved?
i waited 4 months for 6 clips, all rejected…

doesnt matter, here i go again…

114! I’ve should’ve placed a money bet…

What about putting a monthly cap on how much you can upload.

And maybe make it variable so people who sells more, or have a higher rating, or a different parameter, can upload more then a total new contributor.

That way you would, decrees the numbers of files received, and the quality would go up, because you only have this many uploading slots.

– Kristian


I think limit to uploads is the only way for start to contain this thing. Also I think there should be no variables. Everyone equal, except that elite can have their short review times.

On other hand lets assume we have 10 elite authors with privilege to be reviewed faster than others and together they upload something about 1000 clips this month. How that works for others? Or elite authors have dedicated reviewer?


Same here. I started to learn vector graphics while waiting for my videos to be reviewed.

That’s good to hear, but it doesn’t solve our problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Until things going good guess 114 days of waiting not such a big problem for marketplace.

Well good for the elite I guess :smile:

4 months and a half of waiting for the footages to be accepted and still counting. I think I’m gonna migrate with all of them to somewhere else…

Holy crap, 4 MONTHS! You gotta be kidding me. I have not put any clips up in quite some time and I just added a few over the weekend… not cool, not cool at all.

But keep in touch what you already did, that we knew what at you occurs? You can so?

Hey FrameStock, I do intend to touch base back here regularly whenever we have an update to report on. At the moment, we’re still having internal discussions to get on the same page so we can fully address the situation. We should have something to report back here soon.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you for feedback!
Hope all will be ok and we can back to 7 days of review time!

After 5 months of waiting, all of my items have been rejected. God! What’s wrong with videohive? Can anyone explain?

bad rejection time, not review time

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