We can now monetize illegal use on Facebook and Instagram using CID!

Hello. It looks like we can monetize illegal use of our music on Fb and Instagram. I’ve read this on the Identifyy main page.

Facebook has rolled out music monetization on its platform. Eligible music creators will be able to earn income from their music when it is used in videos uploaded to Facebook, captured in Facebook Stories, or performed during Facebook Live broadcasts. Facebook has grown to parallel YouTube in terms of monthly view counts and Identifyy has become a go-to provider of music rights management services for Facebook.

Instagram has become a leading source of short-format video containing live and recorded music. Like Facebook, Instagram now permits eligible music creators to earn income when their music is used in uploaded videos, stories, reels, and live broadcasts.


Thanks for sharing this, man! :metal::sunglasses:

Does anyone know how exactly music monetization works on Facebook or Instagram?