We ask for a condition that downloaded items cannot be refunded for 15 days.

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Unfortunately if a buyer disputes the payment with their payment provider like PayPal then there is nothing that Envato can do to stop that.

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Envato disable accounts after paypal disputes https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204010880-PayPal-Disputes-And-Chargebacks#:~:text=As%20a%20security%20measure%2C%20if,item%20purchases%20until%20it’s%20resolved.

But there no protection for credit card payments, and every item reversals from credit cards.

For example; if I request a refund from my bank, this process takes a 3 month, they’ll review my request before give my money. But Envato gives money to buyer in a 1 hr and I dont know he/she was download my item. Envato must control to downloaded items cannot be refund until 15/30 day thats easy.

There is simply no conceivable way that Envato “gave” a refund to someone in an hour. They’re far too slow for that, it would be at least a few business days if it was a genuine refund.

What you’re seeing is 100% a sale reversal. In other words, the funds were forcefully reversed out of Envato’s bank account, so Envato took them back from you as well. In many of these cases, there is also a reversal fee (usually $10-25) that Envato will actually absorb for you.

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Maybe I’m wrong about the time, but you can review the last refund in my account because I can’t see the time, invoice just shows date. In addition, if I a customer or a fake person, can I buy a product from here and return it in a short time? Is it possible?

I’m just a regular member of the community like you so I can’t check into that. But if you open a Help ticket with author support they are often happy to provide more details. Note that with the weekend coming up (and a US holiday) it may take them some extra time to respond.

Some points on the reversal process:

Ultimately, a reversal means the funds were reversed by the bank due to a chargeback or dispute. Envato has no way to stop this from happening. Some banks are faster than others with disputes, some will even reverse the funds while the dispute is being investigated if opened quickly enough.

PayPal is a special case in that the funds will be reversed as soon as a dispute is opened, but the funds could be returned to you later if the dispute is resolved in Envato’s favor (which happens fairly often).

The only way Envato can realistically fight this kind of fraud is to preemptively lock accounts if any sort of anti-fraud measure is tripped. Many accounts these days are locked immediately after their first purchase, before they download the item. You may see a sale reversal from this as the purchase is reversed.

At the end of the day it’s possible to exploit consumer protection features provided by banks against any merchant (both online and physical). The goal is not to prevent this from happening (only governments and banks can do so) but rather to reduce the risk by blocking users who seem at all suspicious.

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I’ve reported this issue multiple times. Those who pay with Paypal and return it are well judged. What I want to say is, why are those who only pay by credit card not subject to this law?

What I want is very easy, if the customer did not download the product he/she bought, he/she can easily return it. If it has been downloaded, it must provide a reason for return after 15/30 days. If you regular member like me you can understand me how to protect authors. If author does not give support or item broken after 15/30 day period Envato can give money to customer. Its not hard to understand.

Even if a customer does not download the item, there is no way to instantly return it. They will need to first open a refund request with you. Of course, Envato’s policy is that you should accept such requests if they are lodged within a reasonable time, but it’s still a request that goes to you and is not automated.

If someone opens a chargeback or dispute from a credit card, their account is also immediately locked until the dispute is resolved in Envato’s favor. There is no difference between PayPal and credit card when it comes to how these reversals are treated by Envato.

If you check your statement and see a “sale reversal” entry, then it was a chargeback (read: not a refund). In this case, regardless of their payment method, their account is now locked until Envato can get the funds back. There is no way for Envato to put a time limit or minimum timeframe on reversals.

“Even if a customer does not download the item, there is no way to instantly return it.” check my last item reversal if you can.

bank reversal process takes too long time I know, its not affect in daily.

I can’t, you’ll need to open a ticket.

However, if it’s marked as a “Sale Reversal” on your statement then it was due to a chargeback or blocked account. Check your statement.

If it was a refund, you would see it listed as a “Sale Refund”, or possibly a “Manual Adjustment” if manually issued by customer support. If the item is refunded for any reason (even because it wasn’t downloaded), it will always show up as one of these two.

Then it was either a PayPal dispute or an account blocked immediately after their first purchase.

Thank you, have good day bro. I am angry with myself for experiencing different variations of not being understood.

No problem mate, I believe I understand you clearly, but you are misunderstanding the policies in place.

You seem to believe that people who pay with a credit card can dispute the payment with their bank without receiving any punishment. It’s simply not true. Their account is still locked, exactly the same as if they would dispute a payment with PayPal.

The reason Envato documents these cases differently is because the process towards remediation is different. With a PayPal dispute, the buyer can simply close the dispute on their own to get their account back.

With a credit card dispute, it’s a lot more complicated as two banks are now involved and documentation must be exchanged by both sides to establish the facts. There’s no easy path for someone to recover their account this way, so Envato didn’t document it. That doesn’t mean they aren’t punished for it.

I’ve purchased many items here, using my author earnings, using PayPal, and even using a credit card. There is no secret way for me to return an item that I haven’t downloaded. I must open a refund request with you, the author, and you must accept it just like usual.

Have a good day, buddy. Thank you so much. I’m upset with myself for going through various iterations of not being understood.

I wanted to close the topic because I was not understood, I apologize for the inconvenience.