We are looking für this script (see topic).


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hello Envato Community,

first of all i want to apologize, i dont know if iam right here. I need a script for Wordpress/Woocommerce.
I want to buy it if theres already one, otherwise i need someone who makes it for me.

We sell individual Energydrinks for our Customers, and we need a script/code. When the Customer uploads his printfiles, he sees an preview of his design on the can. He can turn the can around if he wants.

Here is an example of how it could look: http://makeyourdrink.de/

if you scroll over with the mouse you can turn the can.

Do i have to ask/search at envato studio or is there already any kind of this?

Thank you very much envato Community and Designers!

I wish you an nice evening all!


thank you very much for your help!