We are looking for a WordPress theme for hotel reservations

We are looking for a WordPress theme for reservations for a Rural Hotel
I have searched with several terms, and most of the time I get “Directory Listings” WordPress Themes as results.
My search terms have been some like:
Booking, Hotel, hotel Booking, Hotel Reservations…
We need a Hotel booking WordPress theme with booking and calendar functionality.
The website is for a small Rural Hotel (or Rural Accommodation) with three rooms. The requirements are:

  • Be compatible and synchronize with booking sites such as TRIVAGO, BOOKING.COM, etc. (we will put our website on one of these platforms
  • Integrated reservation system
  • Possibility of editing reservations by room, by number of people.
  • Possibility of translation into several languages

Where is the WordPress theme for these needs?
What terms should I use to find what I’m looking for?
Thank you

If those results didn’t help, you should search CodeCanyon/WordPress section, you could add some WordPress plugins on top of the “Hotel” theme.

I have doubts that you may not be able to find it as “out-of-box” solution as you may need to add some features by installing few other plugins, too, if you’re lucky.

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I apologize for the delay in my response, and I’m sorry to bother you again, I understand that you are a Volunteer on this site.
I don’t quite understand what you mean in the second paragraph of your answer. I have to translate the answer with Google Translate, and I don’t quite understand it.
Do you mean that it is necessary to use special plugins to get a website for “Rural Accommodation”?
Are there no Themes that have all the functionality included?
Maybe I didn’t ask my query correctly.

Doing this requires channel managers (or a ton of manual work every time) - it’s highly unlikely that a theme will incorporate this functionality natively and you will almost certainly need to use a custom plugin or development.

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Thank you for your support, it is a great help.
It is the first time that I am faced with a website of this type, which is why I came looking for advice.
I will look for the Theme that most closely matches my needs, and then we will discuss each of the requirements.
The idea is to find the most complete Theme, to add as few Plugins as possible.
When I started studying, they told me that to solve programming problems, it is advisable to divide them into smaller problems…jjjjjjj
We’ll see what I can find.
I have already seen a topic that is close to our needs…
Thanks again

As it sounds a good idea, choosing/using the incompatible items could create more problems those may take more time to fix the issue but good luck!

I don’t understand, what does it mean to choose/use incompatible elements? Can you explain this to me?
I just want to make a website for a Rural hotel with 3 rooms, I just want to do it in the best possible way… And since I only made a website of this type a long time ago, I don’t remember how to do it.
I’m sorry if I bother you with my words, I never meant to offend, and I am grateful for the support received.