We are featured!!!

We did a quick search for our product online and found we are featured on a number of websites as one of the best live chat plugins! Some of these were wrote a while back, non the less, its great to get other people noticing our work and publicising it :wink: A big thanks to all collaborators who write articles like this and help out authors!

We are number 12 :wink:


Good news, congratulations, @82designs!

Congratulations! @82designs :sparkles:

Congrats!! :champagne::tada:

Thank you guys, now just to get sales up with out new release :wink:



Thats great. Congratulations @82designs :tada:

Congrats! @82designs :tada:

We have found a few more since also and got four 5 star ratings since version 2 was released, we are chuffed to bits!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats 82designs :slight_smile::balloon:

Congratulations ! :yum: