We are an online company. Do we need verification?

If we need verification, how do we do it?
Because we can’t find the dedicated page


Assuming you are talking about Author ID verification. If yes, then if you have any portfolio on envato market then you must have to verify your ID to sale item(s) on envato market.

You should check it to know about the verification process:

Author ID Checks

If you have any query you should get in touch with envato Author support.


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yes i have portolio on envato market
but i dont know where i can verify my ID
Can you send the link?

If you are required to verify your identity with Envato, you will be sent instructions to enable you to log in to Envato Verify. Also you can check at https://verify.envato.com/

If you didn’t receive the instructions email and want to verify then you can contact Envato Author support.

This is what appeared to me

i am not required to verify my identity with envato
I didn’t receive an email

What should I even do for verify my identity

If you have approved item in your Envato market profile then contact Envato Author support. if you don’t have any approved item in your Envato market profile then you are not required to verify your ID.

ok i am understood
thanks for help :blush: