Waves Youtube ad with Audiojungle watermark

Just seen that Waves ad about Oscar Specials on YouTube. I have nothing to say about the ad itself, except for the thing that the music was watermarked. Kinda weird to see such a move from a company, products of which we are using to create music for such customers. It should be fixed somehow, i think.

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I used to work in their marketing department. Certainly not something they would do deliberately. I reported it to a friend there who will see that it’s dealt with. Nighttime here so I imagine it will take 8-10 hours to revise.

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Awesome, dude! So, any news?

I was enthusiastically thanked at 8:30 this morning for bringing it to their attention, so I’ll assume it’s been fixed.
(It’s not as if anyone has to report back to me anymore…)

Wow, that is amazing! Btw youve done it 10 times faster than any support service in our country (Ukraine). So x10 Thank You)