Watermarking tips

I’m very new to Audiojungle but feel I can give some tips. Watermarking is very important and you should take some time to do it right.

  1. Make sure its loud enough - but not too loud of course. You should manually go through and amplify the watermark at certain points in the music where it is necessary. Basically you need to make sure your watermark ‘cuts through the mix’.

  2. Avoid watermarks at climax points in your music. It depends on the style of music but many styles will have climax points or big hits where just for a second or so the music is at its loudest. You can manually move the watermark before or after this point.

  3. Don’t insert your watermarks at points that are completely silent. Particularly don’t put it right at the beginning because unless the song starts straight away that will certainly be silent. Don’t ask why this is an important point, I’m sure you know why anyway. Have your track begin and then have your first watermark a second or two into the song. You can have a watermark at the end too but again, make sure its not at a point of total silence.

  4. Despite these slight adjustments I advise, do still try to keep approximately the same spacing between each watermark to comply with the envato guidelines.


Hi HasenMusic,

watermark should play every ten seconds, there are no exceptions, i am truly sorry. If you wish to avoid overlapping with climax (which is a good suggestion, of course) you have to use the ‘1-minute loop AJ watermark’ and move it as a block.

Sincerely :smiley:

That’s actually completely and utterly wrong. For shorter pieces and especially sound fx and short idents Envato advise much smaller spacing between the watermarks.

Anyway I wasn’t suggesting changing the 10 second spacing, just slight adjustments half a second or one second back or forth if necessary. The most important thing is to protect the music, not to just blindly follow some 10 second rule to precision even when it makes your music more vulnerable.

Hi HasenMusic,

thanks for your reply. I am talking about music, of course, and i am still convinced that watermark should play every ten seconds. Hopefully someone from Envato Team will clarify this.

Best Regards

It must play every ten seconds on longer tracks but on short tracks (logo/idents) or sound effects it can play every one second. I heard one track several seconds long where the watermark was playing almost continuously. It had been approved of course.