Watermarking Files (solved)

I could not find the Watermarking Files to make video preview files for clips with ALPHA channel. Any help or point to the watermark files would be nice.

Unfortunately nobody helped to find the Watermarking Files but I found it myself. For those who’ll need there is a direct link: Watermarking File for 1920x1080 preview video. But I still need similar one for 4K videos (preview video watermarking file for 4K clips is 2560x1440)
Just to clarify that I need such file to make preview videos for clips with ALPHA channel. For clips without ALPHA channel preview videos are perfect.
Thanks for any help.

If you use the new upload tool then there’s no need to watermark your files. Either way, if you’re uploading a 4K clip, there’s no need to upload a preview video any higher than 1080p… should be 960x540 or 1920x1080.

Yes, I use the new upload tool and it works fantastic! But Envato upload tools do not generate previews with checkerboard BG for files if they are in ProRes4444 format with the ALPHA channel. I believe that buyer / customer will see a difference:
This is a screenshot of Preview file generated automatically by upload system:

and this is Preview file I uploaded for the same clip:

In clip Edit page is recommended that preview image files resolutions are 1920x1080 or 2560x1440. and video preview video resolution should be the same as preview image.
I tested this and you are right: Edit tool accepts the 960x540 video preview files. But it does not accept the 960x540 preview image files.

Anyway, thank you very much for the explanation!